Customers and consumers

SCA is there for our customers and consumers. To understand their needs and expectations and how we at SCA best can meet these with our offerings, we engage in a continuous dialog with customers and consumers. Customer understanding and consumer insight determine the innovations we develop and how we formulate and carry out our business strategy.

Who are we there for?

SCA’s operations interact with numerous different customers, markets and needs. Put simply, our products and services are there for customers, consumers and users. Customers are companies that buy SCA’s products and services, for example, restaurants, construction companies, care providers, pharmacies or retailers. Consumers and users are the individuals who use our products. For example, a teenager who buys feminine care prodicts at the supermarket, caregivers or residents at care facilities who use our incontinence products or a do-it-yourselfer who buys timber at a building materials supplier.

Understanding and insight

Customer understanding and consumer insight are at the core of what SCA develops and how it delivers innovations to the market.

Customers’ needs influence the ideas we generate, which are then developed into finished products or services for the market. We monitor macro trends to identify changes in behavior and observe consumers’ and customers’ actual behavior. This is realized in a number of ways, including home visits by SCA, inviting focus groups to meetings and through in-depth interviews. Many valuable insights and ideas are identified in dialogs with SCA’s sales representatives. We also gain insight into consumers’ lives and perceptions of our products by following the discussions on our own websites, such as and, and on social media.

SCA’s global presence means that we attempt to meet the needs that many people share. At the same time, SCA adapts products and services to local needs and cultures. For example, this could apply to the packaging design or the appropriate colors for differing cultures. While Scandinavians prefer unscented products, scented products are appreciated in countries like Mexico and Italy.

Customer surveys as a tool for improvement

2 babys lying on carpet (photo)

Customer feedback is important to be able to offer better products and solutions and every business unit has methods to investigate customer satisfaction.

The hygiene operations conduct a systematic customer follow-up. This includes both external reports and our own surveys. For example, SCA introduced a global system of customer follow-up in the incontinence products and tissue operations. These reports are important as decision support for SCA and provide an indication of customer satisfaction and improvement potential, for example, by providing a “Net Promoter Score.”

In addition to products, SCA delivers crucial knowledge and support in the development of operations at such institutions as nursing homes and, accordingly, highly values opportunities for direct customer contact. By so doing, we can make a difference and create value for our customers and users.

The retail trade accounts for a significant part of SCA’s sales. The Group uses external comparison reports where the largest retail chains assess their suppliers based on such criteria as customer service, logistics, sales support, marketing and product development. Consumers who purchase retail products are followed up through general brand and product recognition surveys.

Unsatisfied customers

SCA has established procedures for managing customer complaints. All information received by the our customer service team is entered into SCA’s global business system. We always try to compensate unsatisfied customers directly and determine whether a need exists for further measures beyond the individual case. For example, production personnel receive feedback to determine whether a production fault was the underlying cause.

The users’ complaints and opinions provide valuable consumer insight and it is important that the knowledge gathered is transferred to the organization.

Continuous dialog with customers and consumers provides understanding and insight

Insight into and understanding of people’s needs and behaviors are fundamental to SCA’s innovations. We pursue a continuous dialog and interact with the market, where customer and consumer feedback forms the basis for new insights. Being receptive, available and reliable are our catchwords.

Tork EasyCube enhances visitors’ experience

Dragica Novacic, park support manager at Gröna Lund. (photo)

Dragica Novacic, park support manager at Gröna Lund.

At Gröna Lund Amusement Park in Stockholm, Sweden, visitor experience is everything and a good impression of the park’s washrooms is an important part of this experience. Tork EasyCube has not only increased visitor satisfaction, but also helped the park’s caretakers do a better job. Tork EasyCube is an IT-based service that streamlines cleaning in public spaces, including washrooms. It provides real-time data on paper and soap consumption, and measures the number of visitors, giving an accurate overview of when and where toilets need to be cleaned and dispensers need to be refilled. Gröna Lund was one of the first customers to start using Tork EasyCube.

Read the customer comments from Dragica Novacic, park support manager at Gröna Lund:

What has been your experience so far after installing Tork EasyCube?

From an operational perspective we see clear efficiency benefits. For example, installation of Tork EasyCube has eliminated unnecessary inspections of soap and paper dispensers, which saves time. We fill the empty dispensers at the right time, saving time in transportation and helping us to improve the level of service. Now our park caretakers only need to go to those washrooms that need cleaning or refilling. They now know exactly what needs to be refilled where and when, helping to improve the visitors’ experience while being more efficient.

Has this improved visitor satisfaction?

Visitor experience is crucial for Gröna Lund, and this applies to the visitors’ perception of the washrooms as well. We have seen visitor satisfaction improving, the washrooms are cleaner and there is always sufficient soap and paper available which was not always the case in the past, according to previous visitor feedback. Tork EasyCube offers better visibility of the flow of visitors and which washrooms are used most frequently, which in turn helps us to guide visitors to other less frequented washrooms in the area.

How has this impacted your team of caretakers responsible for the washrooms?

Tork EasyCube’s benefits in terms of efficiency have had a positive impact on our own organization. More employees want to be part of the team caring for the washrooms. Tork EasyCube allows us to better manage our time and people, resulting in a more efficient workflow, which gives us more control over the daily tasks and reduces unnecessary stress. The system is easy to operate and the tablet gives us all the information needed at the right time. Our caretakers also feel they are providing a better quality service and they instantly see the results of their efforts. There are ergonomic benefits as well. Park caretakers visit only those washrooms that require refilling or cleaning and this further eliminates unnecessary lifting, bending or other activities that could otherwise impact them.

Have there been any cost benefits?

It has helped us to optimize our portfolio for washroom products and the new dispensers have enabled us to reduce soap and paper consumption. Tork EasyCube has helped us achieve greater efficiency, satisfied employees and an improved experience for the visitors.

The amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm uses Tork EasyCube. (photo)

The amusement park Gröna Lund in Stockholm uses Tork EasyCube.

TENA Men enables a continued active lifestyle

Man lean on car (photo)

Incontinence is surrounded by social taboos. SCA works diligently to challenge these taboos and improve the lives of people suffering from incontinence. This work includes the development of products that simplify everyday life, as well as lending knowledge and information. Read about one of our consumers:

Six years ago, Jörgen Pihl had an operation for prostate cancer. Like many others, he was affected by incontinence problems after his surgery.

“Incontinence does not directly prevent me from doing things, but everything has to be more carefully planned. Whenever I go somewhere new I check if there is a washroom and where it is located. By taking preventive measures, I’ve managed to avoid an accident while out,” Jörgen tells us.

Accept the situation and make the most of it.”

In addition, he always uses a pad. Jörgen takes out an extra pad that he usually keeps in his coat pocket and places it on the table.

“I want a small pad. I don’t know whether it’s true, but I think that a larger pad would be visible. This is usually sufficient. I always have an extra one with me, just in case. And I always wear jeans these days.”

During 2015, TENA Men relaunched ist entire range in order to better meet the needs of men. (photo)

During 2015, TENA Men relaunched its entire range in order to better meet the needs of men.

Incontinence came as a shock.

“I had no idea. No one told me that incontinence and impotence are common side effects of prostate cancer surgery,” explains Jörgen. “Initially, I had great difficulty accepting the situation and I was ashamed. A grown-up man should be able to control his bladder.”

“Incontinence is like having a stone in your shoe you can’t get rid of.”

With time, it has been easier to accept and the feeling of shame has passed.

“Were I to advise others who suffer from this, it would be to try to accept the situation and still make the most of it.”

40,000 Tork dispensers

Paper distributor (photo)

As of 2015, automobile manufacturer BMW uses paper towels, toilet paper and soap as well as 40,000 Tork dispensers in the sanitary facilities in all its German and Austrian sites. This means that the plants have a uniform hygiene solution that gives customers and employees a consistent and familiar setting while simultaneously improving hygiene conditions.

SCA also delivered Tork Xpressnap napkin dispensers to BMW’s plant canteen in Dingolfing, Germany. During a trial period, napkin consumption was reduced by 30%. Consequently, BMW introduced the dispensers to all canteens in Germany and Austria.

BMW tested a variety of suppliers and products before ultimately choosing SCA. Combined with lower consumption and cost, high product quality and service level SCA’s sustainability profile was a decisive factor for the collaboration.