Leadership, culture and employees

Dedicated employees are crucially important to SCA’s efforts to create a dynamic corporate culture and drive innovation and results. Our employees are essential to SCA’s ability to remain successful and achieve our targets.

Team SCA erases borders

Proud employees working as pavilion hosts during the Team SCA project. (photo)

Proud employees working as pavilion hosts during the Team SCA project.

Our Team SCA project was an effective way to motivate and unite our employees around the world by offering a wide range of shared activities throughout the organization and encouraging cross-border interactions.

Our aim was to encourage as many people as possible to become involved in the race and follow our all-women’s Team SCA. In one example, employees were encouraged to work as hosts at SCA’s pavilion during the various stopovers. Our employees served as brand ambassadors, marketing and presenting SCA, our values and brands to the people visiting the pavilion.

Dedicated employees who continuously advance SCA

In 2015, SCA conducted its third global All Employee Survey. This year’s survey received the highest response rate to date at 88.3% and SCA achieved a good result in many perspectives. The All Employee Survey is a tool for measuring various aspects of SCA’s corporate culture, such as leadership, teamwork and employee commitment. By gathering feedback from our employees, we are able to assess their perception of SCA and compare ourselves against other high-performance organizations. The results of the survey are used to develop the company and establish the right conditions to help our employees meet their goals and deliver results.

The results of this year’s survey showed a significant improvement across the Group as a whole, especially in our focus areas. SCA received particularly high results in such areas as commitment, company image and culture, and goal-orientation. These results indicate a positive, inclusive and result-focused company culture that encourages commitment and loyalty.

Result-focused leaders

Responsive, dedicated leaders are pivotal to the successful implementation of SCA’s strategy. The SCA Leadership Platform serves as the basis for all leadership development in the company. In 2015, we continued to develop leaders through our various leadership programs: Leadership@SCA, Core 1 – People Engagement & Performance, Core 2 – Implementing Strategy & Leading Change, Driving Business Performance and Creating Value. These programs play a crucial role in our leadership development.

Employees who develop to achieve their potential

All SCA employees are responsible for their own development, based on individual development plans that combine the Group’s business needs and the employee’s individual aspirations. In 2015, SCA focused on identifying, implementing and developing its functional capabilities, which are specified in shared descriptions of the abilities and behaviors we expect and on which employee development is to be based.

Life Inspiring Careers

SCA offers its employees an opportunity to establish a career in a global company focused on quality, innovation, business performance and sustainability. In 2015, we launched the second round of the “SCA GO! Program,” which provides recent graduates in the areas of sales, marketing, research and development, and production an opportunity to find their first job. The program includes both introductory activities, as well as challenging project work to help the graduates develop skills and create a contact network for the future.