Together with the launch of TENA Men Protective Shield, a new commercial was released featuring the fictive, fearless and active gentleman Stirling Gravitas in the lead. It is the second commercial starring Stirling introduced with the Keep Control campaign in spring 2015. (photo)

Strategic priority

Together with the launch of TENA Men Protective Shield, a new commercial was released featuring the fictive, fearless and active gentleman Stirling Gravitas in the lead. It is the second commercial starring Stirling introduced with the Keep Control campaign in spring 2015.

SCA’s offerings simplify everyday life for millions of people worldwide. All of this begins and ends with innovation. By maintaining close proximity to our customers and consumers, understanding their needs and transforming this knowledge into products, SCA makes a difference in people’s everyday lives.

TENA Men Protective Shield (photo)

SCA’s innovation process is deeply embedded in the Group’s strategy and business model. Innovation activities are based on market trends, customer and consumer insight, new technology and new business models. SCA also takes sustainability aspects and product safety into consideration throughout the process. SCA’s presence in both mature and emerging markets provides a good understanding of trends and needs.

All innovation starts with an insight

All of SCA’s innovation work starts with an insight about a customer or consumer need. This insight will guide the innovation work on how to improve existing products, satisfy new needs and build our brands. With leading brands such as TENA, Tork, Libero, Libresse, Lotus, Nosotras, Saba, Tempo, Vinda and Zewa, improved product performance is essential for ensuring attractive offerings and strong brands.

Innovation drives growth and profitability and is one of the company’s three strategic priorities.

Innovation creates value for our business by increasing customer and consumer satisfaction and cutting costs. One of the aspects the innovation teams take into account is to improve efficiency, for example in how we use raw materials and optimize transportation. This means both lower environmental impact and lower costs. Innovation is also paramount in our marketing in order to find new ways to market our offering.

Inspiration and a lot of hard work

Innovation work is supported by SCA’s innovation teams across the globe and a well-developed innovation culture. SCA’s strategy is to increase the pace of innovation, capitalize on global economies of scale and ensure that all segments have a competitive and balanced portfolio of innovations. Particular focus is given to exploring the possibility of broadening the product portfolio and expanding the range of services.

Every day, numerous employees are involved in innovation at the company. Their work requires insight, inspiration, creativity, systematic development and risk taking – and a lot of hard work and discipline.

To further harness our employees’ creativity and good ideas, SCA has created an internal innovation platform. It can be used during all stages of a project to ask for help with solutions and find people with the right expertise. SCA also encourages open innovation – meaning cooperation with external parties. Open innovation is an important part of the innovation process and offers a number of benefits, such as providing input from adjacent industries, speeding up development processes and cutting costs.

In 2015, SCA introduced approximately 30 innovations and product launches and applied for 54 patents.

When looks matter – from insight to the new Tork Image Design™

New Tork Image Design™ dispenser line (photo)

A solid customer insight showed an existing need for a new dispenser line for customers where looks matter. A design brief was developed identifying the key criteria for this new dispenser line: a pure material, discreet, elegant and smooth lines that blend into interiors without taking over, while at the same time enhancing the visitor’s overall experience of the establishment.

The initial feedback was positive and showed we were on the right track to move the project into the development phase. We started by developing engineering concepts, reviewing drawings, identifying and building relationships with potential suppliers and validating tools before starting up production. In parallel, the communication and go-to-market plans were outlined, anchored and executed together with the business units.

This customer insight resulted in a merger between form and function, delivering a beautifully designed and complete range of washroom dispensers to our image-conscious customers.

Cleanliness is vital to my business – the customer’s perception of our kitchen is based on their visit to the washroom. Design is an important part of a washroom upgrade, but it has to blend in with our overall style.’’

Per Bengtsson, founder of the restaurant PM & Vänner in Växjö, Sweden, user of Tork Image Design.

Innovations strengthens our brands

Tork Image Design™ dispenser (photo)

Tork Image Design is an elegantly designed and complete range of washroom dispensers with smooth surfaces and clean lines for customers who want their interior facilities to reflect the company’s image. The dispenser line has a brushed stainless steel exterior featuring anti-fingerprint protection.

lights™ by TENA Ultra Towels Normal och Ultra Towels Normal with Wings (photo)

lights by TENA Ultra Towels Normal and Ultra Towels Normal with Wings are specially designed to deal with little leaks. Their FeelFresh technology quickly absorbs and locks in liquid and odors to provide a dry and fresh feeling.

Digital products

TENA Identifi™ digital products (photo)

TENA Identifi is an innovation with sensor technology that automatically captures data about individual voiding patterns, both daily patterns and volume during a 72-hour period. After three days’ observation, the care staff can discern a pattern for the patient in terms of frequency and volumes that provides entirely new opportunities to determine a continence plan and apply incontinence products as necessary. TENA Identifi has been designed according to an expressed need among SCA’s customers in elderly care and SCA thereby supports customers by addressing higher demands for active continence care. The value is both financial and qualitative; the care staff receives a clear basis for improving work and the individual a more dignified life. TENA Identifi was launched in 2013.

The Internet of Things solutions from Tork (photo)

The Internet of Things solutions from Tork are packaged under the name Tork Solutions. The common denominator is that they offer intelligent solutions for public spaces, including washrooms, that improve efficiency, quality and communication. Tork Solutions includes both Tork EasyCube och Tork SmartFresh. Tork EasyCube analyzes real-time data about the number of visitors and levels in dispensers so that caretakers know what needs to be refilled and where cleaning is needed. This makes their work more efficient, offers a better work situation and more satisfied customers. Tork SmartFresh is an automatic toilet system that keeps toilets clean and fresh, makes cleaning easier and faster, and delivers real-time data to facilitate more effective cleaning. Tork SmartFresh also offers an innovative and effective communication channel that can generate income. Tork EasyCube and Tork SmartFresh were launched in 2014.