Satisfied customers and consumers

SCA’s products and services contribute to a better life for many people. We are there for our customers and consumers. To succeed, we must understand their needs and how we can best meet them through our offering.

Customer understanding and consumer insight determine the innovations we develop and how we deliver finished products and services to the market. Under the right circumstances, we can contribute to improved quality of life and health among our target groups.

We study the world around us and identify trends and new needs, and we enter into a dialog with our customers and consumers. We learn a great deal from SCA’s sales representatives and we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys.

We engage in a dialog with consumers through focus groups and in-depth interviews. We observe consumer and customer behavior, for example, through home visits. We also gain insight into the needs of consumers and their perceptions of our products by following the discussions on such websites as and, and on social media.

Libresse campaign encourages young women to ‘Do What Fits You’

The Libresse Malaysia’s ‘Do What Fits You’ campaign aims to inspire young women to listen to their inner voice and be the person they want to be deep down inside – rather than a person that others expect them to be.

Libresse – "Do What Fits You" (photo)

Debby Ho, Consumer Marketing Manager, Libresse Malaysia, explains the concept behind the campaign:

“Young women of today are exposed to increasing pressures and demands on who they ‘should be’ from family and peers, as well as TV, magazines and social media. This Libresse campaign supports young women to listen to their inner voice and live life to the fullest.”

The Libresse TV campaign was aired on Malaysian nationwide TV channels, and spread via social media. Watch the latest Libresse ‘Do What Fits You’ TV commercial here:

More satisfied customers with Tork solution

Children on a rollercoaster (photo)

At Gröna Lund Amusement Park in Stockholm, Sweden, guest experience is everything and a good impression of the park’s toilets is an important part of this experience. Tork EasyCube has not only increased guest satisfaction, but also helped the park’s employees do a better job. Tork EasyCube is an IT-based service for public locations, such as bathrooms. It provides real-time data on paper and soap consumption via a mobile or tablet, giving an accurate overview of when and where toilets need to be cleaned and dispensers need to be refilled.

Gröna Lund was one of the first customers to start using Tork EasyCube and the experience has been highly positive. “Our employees now know exactly what needs to be refilled in which restrooms, which saves time since they no longer need to perform unnecessary inspections and they can make sure they have the right material from the get-go,” says Dragica Novacic, park support manager at Gröna Lund. “Guest satisfaction has improved and, unlike in the past, we haven’t received any complaints about soap or paper at all.”

The employees feel they are able to do their jobs better and more colleagues want to work in the restroom team. Especially at times with many visitors, Tork EasyCube makes maintenance easier and the fact that soap and toilet paper consumption has declined is another perk of the system.

40,000 Tork dispensers

Tork dispensers (photo)

Tork hand towels, toilet paper and foam soap – as well as some 40,000 dispensers – have been used in all sanitary facilities at the automobile manufacturer BMW’s German and Austrian sites since 2015. This uniform washroom solution provides a consistent, recognizable appearance for both customers and employees, while optimizing and improving hygiene conditions.

SCA also equipped BMW’s plant canteen in Dingolfing, Germany with Tork Xpressnap napkin dispensers. During a trial period, napkin consumption was reduced by 30%, prompting BMW to implement the solution in all canteens in Germany and Austria.

Before finally choosing SCA, BMW tested different suppliers and products. SCA’s sustainability approach was one of the main reasons it was selected as a long-term partner, combined with other factors such as reduced consumption, lower costs, and high product quality and service level.

Stirling Gravitas – a new way of addressing male incontinence

Stirling Gravitas – a new way of addressing male incontinence (photo)

With the fearless gentleman Stirling Gravitas and a discreet, specially designed product, TENA, SCA’s incontinence care brand, wants to help men deal with light urine leakage.

The very thin TENA Men Protective Shield is ultra-absorbent and was launched in 2015. Unlike other TENA products, the TENA Men Protective Shield is black, making it distinctly masculine and suitable for darker underwear.

In connection with the launch, a new TENA Men commercial was introduced featuring the character Stirling Gravitas, a man who knows how to remain focused without being distracted by a few drops of urine in his underwear. TENA Men Protective Shield is available in the UK and Germany, with more markets to follow.

One in four men over the age of 40 will experience urine leakage at some point in their lives. Many do not realize that help is available and instead ignore the issue or develop their own solutions, which are neither effective nor suitable. Watch the Stirling Gravitas films on Youtube:

Some of this year’s awards

Stanton McComb, President of McKesson, Michael Feenan and Josh Renihan from SCA with Joan Eliasek, Vice President of McKesson at the award ceremony. (photo)

Stanton McComb, President of McKesson, Michael Feenan and Josh Renihan from SCA with Joan Eliasek, Vice President of McKesson at the award ceremony.

  • Most Innovative Supplier of the Year” from the distributor Bunzl in Europe.
  • Ireland’s “Most Eco-Friendly Supplier” by Checkout Magazine, a nationwide publication for the grocery retail and FMCG sector in Ireland.
  • Supplier of the Year” by North American distributor McKeeson.
  • Recognition of supplier excellence by Singhealth, Singapore’s largest public healthcare group.