Challenges become business opportunities

SCA has the opportunity to meet social and environmental needs and improve the lives of millions of people. Through the innovation of products and business models, challenges can be transformed into business opportunities and form the basis for our future offerings.

SCA develops innovations for people and nature. These new solutions offer improvements for the user or for the environment. It may be a case of improved materials and more efficient processes or a smarter design and logistics. Innovations can also solve social needs in a new way and thus ultimately give us a competitive advantage.

Systematic creativity

SCA’s innovation process starts with insight about a need. By maintaining close proximity to our customers and consumers, understanding their needs and transforming this knowledge into products and solutions, SCA makes a difference in people’s everyday lives. By integrating environmental issues and social needs into the innovation process, we can monitor how we improve the sustainability profile of our innovations.

People & Nature Innovations (icon)People & Nature Innovations (icon)


We will deliver better, safe and environmentally sound solutions to our customers. We strive to continuously improve resource efficiency and environmental performance considering the whole life cycle for new innovations.


43% of SCA’s innovations improved in terms of social and/or environmental criteria.

Examples of SCA’s people and nature innovations include TENA Flex, TENA Pants, TENA Slip, TENA Comfort with ConfioAir, TENA Identifi, Tork EasyCube, Libero Touch and Arcwise.

TENA has launched a number of innovations in recent years, such as the highly absorbent TENA Flex, the comfortable and thinner TENA Pants and TENA Slip, and TENA Comfort with ConfioAir. These innovations resulted in a reduced climate impact during the 2008–2015 period as follows: 13% for TENA Flex, 23% for TENA Pants, 15% for TENA Slip and 19% for TENA Comfort. Tena also pursued its TENA Solutions concept, whereby SCA helps nursing homes identify the best incontinence care solutions by offering procedures, analysis tools and training combined with innovative product solutions. A study of 181 nursing homes around the world that have implemented TENA Solutions showed clear improvements in 95% of the cases. The advantages include improved well-being for the residents, better work environment, less waste and lower overall costs. Read more in chapter .

Nurse with an older man, Tena comfort slips (photo)
Other products with a reduced climate impact:

TENA Pants

Libero open diapers

reduction in climate impact 2008–2015

Tork paper towels

reduction in climate impact 2011–2014

Arcwise packaging (photo)
Smartphone (photo)
TENA Identifi – A breakthrough innovation for continence care (photo)
Libero Touch - man measuring a baby (photo)