Hygiene solutions

SCA offers hygiene solutions for different phases and aspects of life across markets all over the world.

Incontinence care at nursing homes

Through TENA Solutions, SCA helps nursing homes provide the best care by offering procedures, analysis tools and training combined with innovative product solutions. The advantages include improved well-being for the residents, better working environments, a reduction in resource consumption and lower overall costs. A study* of 181 nursing homes around the world that have implemented TENA Solutions showed clear improvements in 95% of the cases:

  • 38% less leakage
  • 47% improved skin conditions
  • 44% more time for rewarding care
  • 29% lower cost (related to incontinence care)
  • 37% less laundry
  • 31% less waste

* Information based on 181 TENA Solutions case studies around the world, mainly in Europe but also in the US, Canada and China, 2011–2013.

Incontinence care at home

SCA has initiated several scientific studies to improve the standards of continence care, including:

  • The Optimal Continence Service Specification on how to improve the service delivery of continence care and a health economic evaluation of improved service delivery by 2015 and 2030.
  • Person Centered Care for people living in residential care settings.
  • Cure Rates for the four patient profiles: 1. Urine, 2. Fecal, 3. Neurologic diseases and 4. Elderly.
  • Containment product guidance in clinical and care guidelines; a mapping study in Canada, Sweden, UK, Germany, the Netherlands, Poland and Spain.
  • The relationship between formal and informal care for people with incontinence, a Swedish case study.
  • The status of support for management for containment in three regions in Germany and one region in Spain, Poland and England, respectively.

The results of these studies will be presented at the 6th Global Forum on Incontinence in Berlin in April 2016 and published in scientific journals.