Winning corporate culture with a focus on value creation

Enable our employees to realize their full potential, as part of one winning team

SCA’s success depends upon having motivated, dedicated and performance-oriented employees. In turn, SCA offers an opportunity for a career in a global company with a vision of improving well-being through leading hygiene and health solutions.

Talent and capabilities are crucial to SCA’s success

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As a global employer, SCA strives to offer new opportunities for employees to develop and realize their full potential. A career with the company can have several dimensions. Regardless of whether an employee wants to develop within his or her current role, change job on the same level or take greater responsibility within the organization, SCA wants to help employees achieve their ambitions in harmony with the company’s business needs. The company values the experiences employees can obtain from work in different geographies, roles, functions or business areas and is positive to both continuity and variation in tasks.

Within SCA, everyone is responsible for their own development. All employees are to have an individual development plan where the plans are a combination of business needs and the ambitions of each individual. In order to guarantee the long-term need for employees and capabilities, SCA uses a strategic workforce plan that defines the needs for future talents and expertise in order to successfully deliver the company’s strategy. The company believes in an open and active labor market in order to promote mobility. Vacant positions are published on SCA’s job portal: .

SCA has Group-wide development programs for various functions, such as leadership, sales, marketing and production. Training in SCA’s Code of Conduct and IT security are part of the company’s introduction process for new employees.

Attractive employer

SCA’s ambition is to be perceived as an attractive employer by both current and potential employees. The “Life Inspiring Careers” concept increases awareness of SCA as an employer and highlights the uniqueness of working for SCA. Work focuses on markets where SCA, through its strategic staff planning, defines a need to attract and recruit competent employees for the future. In order to recruit recent graduates in areas such as sales, marketing, IT, research and development and production, SCA launched the third round of the “GO! Program” in 2016. The program offers recent graduates a first jobin the labor market. During the two years of the program, these employees have specific development targets.

Strong leaders – prerequisite for success

SCA’s leadership platform is the foundation for the company’s talent and leadership development. The company believes development is best when it takes place as a combination of new challenges at work, learning through others and training. Responsive and dedicated leaders are very important if employees are to successfully implement SCA’s strategy. SCA’s ambition is therefore to have strong leaders who can involve and strengthen their colleagues, push performance and provide and receive continuous feedback.

Winning corporate culture with a focus on employees

Commitment and winning teamwork characterize SCA’s corporate culture. Dedicated employees are required to create a dynamic culture where you enjoy your work, feel a sense of ownership and work together to successfully achieve business targets. Employee views are important for the success of SCA. Knowing what employees think about a number of areas that concern the company – such as leadership, commitment of employees, innovation culture and customer orientation – are used as a basis to identify both the company’s strong areas and those areas that need to be improved. This is measured through regular employee surveys. 88% of employees took part in the latest survey. SCA received particularly high results in such areas as commitment, company image and culture, and goal-orientation. The result of the survey has gradually risen over the years it has been held. It indicates a positive, inclusive and result-focused corporate culture that encourages commitment and loyalty over time.

Healthy and safe workplace

SCA’s aim is zero workplace accidents. Regrettably, a tragic fatal accident occurred at SCA in 2016. SCA works actively with measures to ensure that similar accidents are not repeated.

During 2016, SCA held its second global safety week to raise awareness and improve knowledge about safe working methods for the entire business.

SCA is focusing on health-promoting measures for employees in production with work involving heavy lifts and repetitive strain. A preventative action program has been drawn up.

During 2016, the accident frequency rate decreased by 27% and in 2014–2016 it fell by 31%. The target is to reduce the accident frequency rate by 50% between 2014 and 2020.

Ethics – from compliance to leadership

In 2016, SCA implemented an initiative on ethics and integrity in order to increase focus on these issues in daily work and the importance of responsible leadership. A culture characterized by integrity begins with two key insights: that surroundings have a major impact on the actions of individuals and that it is necessary to understand and handle ethical gray areas.

The training initiative began with the Executive Management Team and was then taken to 150 of the company’s top managers. About 1,000 managers will have taken part in the project by the beginning of 2017. It will then be incorporated into SCA’s ordinary leadership development activities.

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