Customer and consumer insights, creativity and courage drive innovation and bigger brands

Innovate bigger brands

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The ‘’ campaign challenges the taboos that surround menstruation in the world of sport. You can watch the film on and

Successful innovations and strong brands go hand in hand. Innovative products and solutions simplify everyday life for people and strengthen SCA’s brands and market positions. Strong brands mean the company can increase the impact of its innovations.

SCA is very proud of the 23 innovations that were brought to market during 2016. They are the result of an innovation process deeply embedded in the company’s strategy and business model. SCA’s innovation work is supported by the company’s innovation teams across the globe and an established innovation culture as well as the will to continuously increase customer and consumer value. Every day, numerous employees are involved in innovations at the company. Their work requires insight, inspiration, discipline, creativity and courage.

Increased customer and consumer value

Innovation is key to satisfying new or evolving needs in a fast-moving world. The focus is always on customer and consumer value. All SCA’s innovation work starts with an insight about a customer or consumer need. The company’s yearly market insights include interaction with over 150,000 people to ensure that the company truly understands customer and consumer needs. The company’s innovation activities also consider market trends, new technology and new business models. SCA takes sustainability aspects and product safety into consideration throughout the process. The company’s innovation strategy is to increase the pace of innovation, capitalize on global economies of scale and ensure that all product segments have a competitive and balanced portfolio of innovations. SCA has a particular focus on exploring opportunities to broaden its existing product portfolio and to expand its offering of products and solutions to further increase customer and consumer value. All of this guides innovation work and how to improve existing products, to satisfy new needs and build bigger brands.

Innovative marketing

A large part of SCA’s innovations is focused on products and solutions, but realizing success in today’s digital landscape requires more than just good products. It requires creative forward-looking strategies that embrace new channels and technology to deliver bold and consumer-friendly campaigns that get messages across. This underlines the importance of being innovative in how to engage and socially interact with customers and consumers in order to build bigger brands and customer loyalty. One example of a campaign that received positive attention and won prestigious awards, including the Cannes Gold Lion, is the ‘’ campaign for one of SCA’s feminine care brands, Libresse. The ‘’ campaign challenges the taboos that surround menstruation in the world of sport and is evidence that SCA is also innovative in its marketing.

Resource-efficient production

Equally important are the innovations that facilitate and increase efficiency in SCA’s supply chain. The company strives continuously to find the best way to streamline and maximize production, minimize waste and reduce material and logistics costs by developing the right technology in close cooperation with suppliers, by rebuilding machines and by launching innovations in time with the right quality. SCA aims to improve resource efficiency and reduce environmental impact. All parts of the value chain need to cooperate and interact to achieve the best results.

Paper towel brands (logos)


Ultra thin pads in the premium range of products have been upgraded. Pads with SecureFit™ and Triple Protection are specially designed to offer a good and secure fit. The pad has extra leakage security in the back, a core that absorbs quickly and barriers along the edges for best comfort and security.

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SCA sanitary pad brands (photo)


SCA paper towel brands (photo)

In 2016, SCA launched, for the first time, a global packaging design for its household towels. The aim is to further strengthen the various brands by harmonizing the appearance and feel of the packaging in different markets.

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