AfH (Away-from-Home) tissue

Tissue sold to bulk consumers such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels, offices and industrial premises.

Consumer tissue

Includes toilet and household towels, facial tissues and handkerchiefs.

CTMP (Chemical thermo mechanical pulp)

A high-yield pulp produced through heating and mechanical defibration in a refiner of preheated, chemically pre-treated softwood.

FSC® (Forest Stewardship Council)

An international organization working to ensure responsible forest management. The FSC has developed principles for responsible forestry that can be applied for certifying forest management and that facilitate FSC labeling of wood products from FSC-certified forests.

Kraft pulp

Pulp from wood fiber that is chemically treated usually by boiling.


The surface layer of corrugated board based on fresh wood fiber.

LWC paper (Light Weight Coated)

LWC paper is a coated paper with a high mechanical pulp content. Used for high-quality magazines and advertising materials with demanding color-printing requirements.


Forest cubic meter. Volume of timber including tops and bark, but excluding branches. Used to describe the forest portfolio of standing timber. Growth is also specified in forest cubic meters.

M3s or m3sub

Solid cubic meter under bark. Specifies the volume of timber excluding bark and tops. Used in felling and the timber trade.

PEFC™ (Programme for the Endorsement of Forest Certification)

An international forest certification system.

Personal care products

Here defined as incontinence products, baby diapers and feminine care products.

Productive forest land

Land with a productive capacity that exceeds one cubic meter of forest per hectare annually.

Solid-wood products

Wood sawn into various sizes used in, for example, furniture manufacturing and the joinery industry or as construction timber.

Super absorbents

Collective name of a number of synthetic absorbent materials based on polymers. Important material in personal care products such as diapers and pads.