Satisfied customers and consumers

SCA’s products and services contribute to simplify everyday life for many people. We are there for our customers and consumers. To succeed, we must understand their needs and how we can best meet them through our offering.

Customer understanding and consumer insight determine the innovations we develop and how we deliver finished products and services to the market. Under the right circumstances, we can contribute to improved quality of life, health and well-being among our target groups.

We study the world around us and identify trends and new needs, and we enter into a dialog with our customers and consumers. We learn a great deal from SCA’s sales representatives and we conduct regular customer satisfaction surveys.

We engage in a dialog with consumers through focus groups and in-depth interviews. We observe consumer and customer behavior, for example, through home visits. We also gain insight into the needs of consumers and their perceptions of our products by following the discussions on such websites as and, and on social media. challenges preconceptions about menstruation and exercise campaign (photo)

The campaign was a viral success.

Menstruation and exercise is still surrounded by stereotypes and taboos. The idea is common that exercise during menstruation is injurious and that performance deteriorates, and many women are worried that you can see when they are menstruating.

Libresse, SCA’s feminine care brand, wants to change this. The initiative offers advice and guidance on exercise, nutrition and diet as well as motivation, to feel at your best, regardless of the time of the month. was first launched in the UK with the film “Blood”, which became a viral success with more than 4 million viewings. Libresse and is breaking the silence about menstruation in sport with the help of the footballer Lotta Schelin and the freestyle skier Tiril Sjåstad Chrisiansen in Sweden and Norway respectively. is the result of a research project, financed by SCA and Libresse, which studies the impact of the menstrual cycle on physical performance and health. The project is supported by the researcher and long-distance athlete Georgie Bruinvels at St. Mary’s University in the UK.

“ is the perfect expression of our brand strategy ‘Live fearless’. Menstruation is the last taboo for women in sport, simply because we lack knowledge and a dialog. The collaboration with St. Mary’s will help us to challenge stereotypes and to change attitudes toward menstruation and exercise,” says Martina Poulopati, Global Brand Communications Manager at SCA. has already yielded results. As a result of the campaign, the Norwegian Olympic and Paralympic Committee have included questions about menstruation in its health check routines for women athletes.

SCA supports new center for international incontinence research

Hans Bergh, Global Brand Director at SCA and responsible for cooperation with the research center. (photo)

The Gothenburg Continence Research Center, a new center for international incontinence research, has been established at the Sahlgrenska Academy at the University of Gothenburg. SCA has provided economic support to enable the initiative. Approximately 100 researchers in various disciplines are associated with the Center, including Adrian Wagg, one of the world’s leading researchers in elderly care and incontinence.

The first research projects began at the end of the year, among these a project to ascertain why some men suffer from incontinence after undergoing a prostate operation.

The new research center will provide us with important insights into incontinence care and help us to develop even better products and services,”

Hans Bergh, Global Brand Director at SCA and responsible for cooperation with the research center.

Joint pregnancy with the world’s first pregnancy bracelet

Pregnant couples can feel a stronger connection by using Libero’s pregnancy bracelet. (photo)

Pregnant couples can feel a stronger connection by using Libero’s pregnancy bracelet.

Libero, SCA’s brand for baby diapers, has launched the “pregnancy bracelet” BabyBuzz, which introduces a new way to experience pregnancy, also for the parent who is not actually pregnant.

“Like a text message, but from the baby” – this is how some of the first couples to test the product have described it. Simply by pressing her bracelet, the mother sends a vibration, a buzz, to her partner’s bracelet when the child kicks or makes its presence felt in some other way.

Libero had the idea for the bracelet from its own parent forum where couples wrote that they wished pregnancy could become more of a joint experience. Various technology and prototypes were tested over two years and resulted in a product that was launched in Sweden in autumn 2016.

“Our studies have confirmed that there is a gap between the pregnant and the non-pregnant parent. Both want the same things but do not quite reach each other. We are happy to contribute to a good start for new parents,” says Camilla Svensson, Marketing Manager at Libero.

BabyBuzz can be borrowed free of charge via


Some Customer Awards in 2016 (icon)Some Customer Awards in 2016 (icon)

“Supplier of the Year” in North America from the distributor Bunzl

“Best Sustainability Performance” from the distributor Lyreco

“Best Supplier of Non-food Groceries” from Wal-Mart in Mexico

“Manufacturer of the Year” from the UK’s Foodservice Packaging Association (FPA)

“Supplier of the Year” from Cardinal Health Canada

“North American VIP Partner Award” in Canada and “North American Cornerstone Partner Award” in the US from Gordon Food Service (GFS)

Yellowstone National Park protecting precious resources by using Tork products

Our work with sustainability convinced the Yellowstone National Park to choose SCA as supplier. (photo)

Our work with sustainability convinced the Yellowstone National Park to choose SCA as supplier.

The Yellowstone National Park in the northwest of the US is the oldest national park in the world and is included on the UNESCO World Heritage List. The park is run by Xanterra Parks and Resorts, a company that puts care for the environment and natural resources first and which wants to cooperate with suppliers who share its values. SCA fulfilled the criteria and delivers to Yellowstone’s restaurants and washrooms.

SCA was the first manufacturer in the US to receive the EcoLogo certification for its 100% recycled tissue, but above all our holistic approach to sustainability throughout the value chain convinced Xanterra to choose us as supplier. We have a program we call SmartFit, where we look at everything from product packaging to transport from a sustainability perspective. This enables us to maximize transport capacity, reduce fuel usage and cut energy consumption within warehouse storage.

“SCA is environmentally accountable in every step of its manufacturing process, from using recycled raw materials, conserving energy and eliminating the release of chlorine compounds,” says Chris Lane, Vice President of Environmental Affairs at Xanterra. “Much like our own company mission, SCA doesn’t just talk green, it acts upon green”.

Creped soft paper which is the basis for hygiene products such as napkins, toilet paper and towels, and toweling products for institutions, hotels, etc.