Wind power

SCA’s forest land in Sweden is well suited for wind power ventures. Energy and green certificate prices remained at a low level in 2016, resulting in few investment decisions for new wind power projects.

Results 2016

A total of 768 MW of wind power is installed on SCA’s forest land, corresponding to 12% of the total installed wind power in Sweden. In 2016, 2.3 (1.9, 1.1) was produced on SCA’s forest land.

Wind power strategy

SCA’s wind power strategy is based on three main pillars.

  • Joint venture with energy producers: SCA can be a co-owner in a wind power project, which is the case in the collaboration with the Norwegian companies Statkraft and Fred.Olsen . Statkraft and Fred.Olsen Renewables are funding the projects and SCA is providing the land.
  • SCA independently develops wind power projects: In certain cases, SCA is the initiator of wind power projects that may be divested, form part of a future collaboration or be operated independently by SCA.
  • SCA leases land to energy producers: This could involve leasing sites for smaller wind farms or cases in which a larger wind farm uses a small part of SCA’s land, but could also involve larger projects.

Joint ventures

Statkraft SCA Vind AB, SCA’s joint venture with Statkraft, operates 186 wind turbines, of which 163 are located on SCA land. The production capacity at the end of 2016 was 1.6 TWh (of which 1.4 TWh on SCA land). Wind power production at the four wind parks accounts for 1% of Sweden’s total energy consumption - equivalent to the electricity use of 300,000 homes. See also chapter Climate and Energy.

In July 2016, SCA’s joint venture with Fred.Olsen Renewables, FORSCA, was granted an initial permit to build 98 turbines. Another 50 turbines were granted a final permit in January 2017.

Other wind power projects

SCA has a collaboration with E.ON Wind according to which E.ON Wind is developing two wind power projects together with SCA. A total of 92 turbines were granted a permit in late 2014 and another 50 turbines are expected to be granted a final permit in 2017.

A wind project independently developed by SCA was granted a permit for the construction of 20 wind turbines. The project has been prepared for due diligence with possible realization in 2019. Permit applications for another project, comprising 130 turbines, were submitted for assessment.

Leasing land for wind power

SCA has leased land to various energy producers for more than 1,000 planned wind turbines. 134 turbines are already in operation with a total annual production of 0.89 .

TWh, TeraWatt hour
Unit of energy measurement. 1 TWh=1,000 million KWh
All materials which can be re-grown or produced without depletion of natural resources.
TWh, TeraWatt hour
Unit of energy measurement. 1 TWh=1,000 million KWh