Community relations

SCA strives to be a dedicated partner in the local communities in which it operates.

In accordance with SCA’s guidelines for community relations, the company prioritizes initiatives with a clear link to SCA’s values, expertise, operations and geographic presence. Much of SCA’s efforts are related to hygiene and health, and are often directed at women and children.

SCA’s initiatives include both large-scale investments and small projects with a local focus. Apart from adding valuable experience and knowledge to SCA, the company’s community efforts add value by boosting employee pride in the Group and strengthening customer loyalty.

In 2016, SCA invested approximately SEK 32m (37, 24) in about 400 projects, corresponding to 0.2% of operating profit. Most of the projects were related to hygiene and health. Read more in chapter Community relations.

Its Community Relations instruction states that SCA will remain politically and religiously neutral and will not make payments or donations in kind to political parties or candidates, or their institutions, agencies or representatives, or religious institutions/organization or their representatives. SCA did not support any political or religious organizations or projects in 2016.

Community relations by region

Community relations by region (pie chart)Community relations by region (pie chart)

Community relations by focus area

Community relations by focus area (pie chart)Community relations by focus area (pie chart)