Examples of innovations 2016


TENA Lady Mini and Maxi Night (photo)

TENA Lady Mini and Maxi Night

TENA is leading the development of products for night use. TENA Lady Mini and TENA Maxi Night with Triple Protection are specifically designed to give a good night’s sleep. The products have extra absorbency and leak-proof solutions to maintain a dry and comfortable feeling even when lying down. The night products have, together with all other TENA Lady products, both Silky Softness and Fresh Odour control for a soft feel and optimal discretion.

Lights by TENA (photo)

Lights by TENA

Ultra thin pads are body-shaped to offer a better fit. A top-sheet that dries rapidly for lasting dryness and freshness. It offers optimal protection without compromising on discretion. FeelFresh Technology quickly encapsulates moisture and controls odors from unexpected little leaks, to help consumers feel fresh and secure all day long.


Libero Comfort (photo)

Libero Comfort

Libero Comfort has been given new and softer leakage barriers made from a completely new material with a cotton feel. The new, highly soft barrier fits gently around the legs and offers a diaper that is pleasant to wear. The new Libero Comfort is comfortable and keeps the child’s skin dry at all times – day and night.

The new Libero Comfort is also dermatologically tested.

Libero Newborn (photo)

Libero Newborn

Libero Newborn with GentleCare has a new, softer lining material that is adapted to the new-born infant’s sensitive skin, without compromising on absorption. The new lining material has a comfortable cotton feel, which provides the softness that is important for the youngest babies.

The new Libero Newborn is also dermatologically tested.


Libresse ProSkin Formula (photo)

Libresse ProSkin Formula

Libresse is upgrading its range of panty liners with a new product that both allows air to pass through and contains ProSkin Formula, a pH-balanced lactic acid. Libresse ProSkin Formula is a panty liner that not only protects underwear but is also gentle on a woman’s sensitive, intimate skin.

Ultra thin pads (photo)

Ultra thin pads

Ultra thin pads in the premium range of products have been upgraded. Pads with SecureFit™ and Triple Protection are specially designed to offer a good and secure fit. The pad has extra leakage security in the back, a core that absorbs quickly and barriers along the edges for best comfort and security.